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Haddonfield Public Schools will not be enrolling new tuition students for the 2018-2019 School Year.

We welcome qualified students in grades 6 through 12 who value the challenges and choices of large schools but enjoy the collegial environment of small ones. Our limited spots fill quickly, so it’s never too early to fill out the simple, no-fee application.

Non-Haddonfield residents who want to enroll in the general education program of the middle or high school can do so through the Tuition Program. This high-achieving public district accepts a limited number of qualified students whose test scores and school experiences indicate they will succeed in Haddonfield’s rigorous academic program.

Fill out the form below to receive an informational folder about the Tuition Program. Or, submit the simple, fee-free application to start the process of deciding whether Haddonfield matches your interests. Most families start their research with a Student for a Day visit.




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Tuition Rates:

Students who are not residents of the Haddonfield district pay annual tuition for 2017-18 of:

  • Elementary Schools (K – 5th): $11,763 All Students
  • Middle School (6th – 8th): $12,000 New Students/$10,500 Returning Students
  • High School (9th – 12th): $14,400 New Students/$11,800 Returning Students

To maintain ideal class sizes, Haddonfield school district must cap the number of students admitted through the Tuition Program. The number varies each year and with each graduating class. Once a student is accepted, a $500 non-refundable deposit will hold his or her spot and serve as a credit toward tuition.

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MARIA – Student

MARIA – Student

“Probably the best thing for me that I’ve done is come here instead of my hometown school. I did spring track and cross country, and I really met a lot of people. There are also clubs and a lot of volunteer work you can do. ”

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PATRICE – Parent

“I liked Haddonfield because it was small, with more of a private school feeling about it. But the school was big enough that he could do lots of activities.”

– Patrice, whose son attended a private middle school in Philadelphia before transferring to HMHS as a tuition student

NANCY – Parent

“After a single year at Haddonfield, she was much more prepared for college than she would have been had she not transferred there. We were impressed with every facet of the Haddonfield experience.”

– Nancy, whose daughter had such as positive experience that her son also enrolled through the Tuition Program

SARAH – Student

SARAH – Student

“You can kind of choose what courses are right for you and focus on your interests.”

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“The transition from private school to public school wasn’t that difficult. The process of meeting people and making friends wasn’t that hard, either. Even if you don’t want to play a varsity sport, there is intramural basketball. And if sports aren’t your thing, there’s an amazing drama club. There’s really a niche for everyone.”

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ROBERT – Parent

“It’s big enough to be competitive in everything, but the student numbers aren’t overwhelming. My sons felt immediately at home, immediately accepted and immediately part of the student body.”

– Robert, who sons have blended right in with the Class of 2015 as tuition students

TYLER – Student

TYLER – Student

“I’m taking AP classes now and I never thought I would, but I wanted to challenge myself. If you want to challenge yourself here, you’re in the right place.”

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PAIGE – Parent

“I like the fact that all of the teachers really know the kids. They weren’t going to get lost in a high school that had 3,000 or 4,000 kids.”

– Paige, whose two children went from a close-knit, private elementary school to HMHS as tuition students


Learn more about the Haddonfield school experience by requesting our informational folder and scheduling a Student For a Day visit. All Tuition Program inquiries for grades 6 through 12 start with a simple phone call to Barbara Nobel in the Business Office at 856-429-7510
(ext. 217) or an email.

Looking for the Haddonfield Public Schools website? Click here.

There are limited openings in the high school’s Junior and Senior class only for 2017-18. All other grade levels are full as Haddonfield caps classes at optimal size to maintain a high level of educational quality.